LES SEPT DIVINES_Medical equipment isn't what's most important. Many countries are focusing too much on it. The most important things are:1. Testing capacity 2. Tracing logistics 3. Quarantine of positive casesThe better these 3 are executed, the less people end up in hospitals at all. Yet, it is a chain, and any soft link can break the chain. THE foundation remains testing and its missing. Only celebrities, VIPs, and well-connected individuals are getting tested right now. That’s unfair besides irrational. We don't have a good picture of who has the virus. We don't know who to treat or who to quarantine.Socialism for the wealthy, capitalism for the poor is still in force. Trump will win his reelection in a landslide victory (how could anything else happen vs Biden?) and he'll celebrate his "quick" and "efficient" response to the problem that "saved so many lives", and more importantly, the economy. La farce continuera … Last, simultaneously, we have five crises in one: – Public health crisis- Economic crisis – deep recession possible with many people losing jobs, GDP contracts, etc- Financial crisis – cracks were showing pre-Covid19 with Repo in Nov, credit seizes up, banks fail, financial rails stop working. These crisis are related but their solutions are different.- Social crisis – socialism rococo vs capitalism de masse with people running out of cash 1929 style- Geopolitical crisis – China asserting themselves, world transitioning from unipolar to multipolar. Israel is living an astounding constitutional crisis. Persians may overthrow the mullah’s, and Wuhan to sweep through Turkey destabilizing Erdogan iron grip. After U.K., France, Italy, Spain in perilous Exit-straits from European Union.Other than that gas stations near me forgot to mark down the price of oil and let’s hope internet bandwidth holds.Sixth crisis? Authoritarian overreach .. on our privacy.Then the crisis in all refugee camps around the world and homelessness in our neighbourhoods.Humanitarian crisis, so that’s 7.Quite the #climatechange .. Will we, citizens, at least come out of the #covid_19 more human not spam-connected? _#ALESSANDROBERGA | L’ÉDITOR