Today’s display of arrogance [read it it’s two instagrams away in my timeline] is typical of how our society is made by à peu près conclusions without any patience to understand .. memory, Heritage, cultural dna not global omologazione. This earlier rant reminded me of Chiharu Shiota’s “Labyrinth of Memory” exhibition at La Sucrière, two summers ago. Dresses are like a second skin. Sometimes, this second skin describes us even better than our own skin. The “second skin” dress is inside us. I think everything is inside the body – family, grassroots, nation and religion…. This is an intrinsic relationship; sometimes it is comfortable, but sometimes it can be restrictive and even paralysing. Using the black thread that goes around the “second skin” dress, I create an environment that describes these relationships. The web of thread blurs the spectator’s view, and the dresses become more difficult to see. Visitors are completely immersed in the layout; they navigate inside the relationship between the dress and the web of threads, and walk through a labyrinth. This experience aims to highlight the complexity of the human being, by confronting visitors with themselves and the work. Space, time, gravity and human thought form relationships. The artist has designed a monumental layout, totally integrating the building’s architecture. Sixteen white dresses hung from the ceiling inside a web of black thread, requiring around 1000 metres of satin cotton and a truckload of black wool (600 kilometres of wool). Each dress is made by the fashion creator #MongiGuibane. For those of you who loves Alaïa, Guibane is the other #Tunisian couturier, “l’oublié”. 30 years and counting of greatness. His hometown is #Lyon, not #Paris. Fashion as snob and regional she always be did not care to look beyond la capitale for Mongi’s work.

#Lyon #Lion #Loewe